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Between The Coverts – The Shooters Bedside Book by Charles Smith-Jones

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A delightful compendium that every shooting person will relish full of fascinating facts, tips and advice, A-Z of game species and a mixture of classic shooting stories, both true and fictional.

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Product Description

Following the success and popularity of The Deer Stalker’s Bedside Book (2015), Charles Smith-Jones has now produced a new work, Between the Coverts, which will appeal to game shooters of every kind.

A glance at the A to Z section of quarry species gives a very good idea of the scope of the book, which ranges from the commonplace to the unusual. Of course, there are entries for pheasant and partridge (both grey and redleg), but also for black grouse, ptarmigan and golden plover, plus the various species of goose and duck. The author describes them in detail – their appearance, their habitats and their habits. He does not ignore the four-legged quarry either, as hare, squirrel and rabbit, for example are all included too. So whatever your chosen quarry, you will find an accurate description, as well as an unusual fact, a tip for improving your equipment or your technique, or a useful titbit of information that will not only stand you in good stead for your shooting day but also increase your enjoyment.